Alpenglo Introduction

About Alpenglo Lighting

Alpenglo Lighting Inc, we are a family-run lighting manufacturer that offers factory direct lighting solutions for our authorized distribution partners. Our parent company Sydney Technology was established in 2003, and we have been the designated original design manufacturer (ODM) company in the European and Australian markets for numerous big names in the lighting industry. Our subsidiary sister company in Canada, Aecolux Technology was established in 2015 and has been focusing on offering tailored lighting products and innovation for our designated partners throughout North America to have a competitive edge in the lighting markets.
We offer lines of affordable & energy-efficient products, including LED, decorative & commercial lighting. We continuously improve our designs to face the growing demand for green & environmentally friendly lighting in the market.
Our dedication to the most cost-effective, long-lasting quality, and tailored service has enabled us to continue to grow into one of the leading lighting suppliers in Canada and the United States.
The goal we have always pursued is to "Manufacture Quality Products.”
We strive to be the best lighting solution provider in North America, so if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through our contact us page.


Factory Direct Service

One of the things that make us stand out from all the competitors in the market, is our factory direct service.
We have many years of experience designing & manufacturing lighting products for large corporations. We are confident we can provide the same level of competitive edge directly to our distributing partners in North America.
Since we are the manufacturer of our products, we can offer the most competitive pricing, with the best quality assurance.
We also offer new product development support for our partners and would love to discuss any innovations on new or existing lighting products you would like to see in the market. We can manufacture your designs, just shoot us your best ideas!